NATAS Fair 2014 Travel Deals & Promotions

The NATAS travel fair is a twice yearly event usually happened in February and again in August every year. In the previous Natas Fair 2014, more than a hundred exhibitors including airlines, banks, car rental companies, cruises, hotel/resorts, national tourism organisations, travel agents, travel insurance companies and other travel related companies participated in the event.

NATAS 2014 August
Date: 29 to 31 August 2014
Time: 10am – 9.30pm
Venue: Singapore Expo Halls 4, 5 & 6A
Admission Fee: S$4.00 per person

More Promotions to Attract Visitors to Japan

You would find many regional tourism organisations, from Okinawa to Hokkaido, at the Japan Pavilion. Beside attract first-time visitors, they are promoting new destinations to attract holidaymakers to re-visit Japan and experience other parts of the country.

Online travel agents such as Zuji is offering cheap airfares from Singapore to Sapporo(Hokkiado) from SGD690.

Cheap airfares Singapore to Hokkiado by Zuji

With the falling YEN, demand for tour packages to Japan are expected to be on the rise. Since the previous Natas Fair in August, local travel agencies such as ASA Holidays, Chan Brothers Travel, CTC Travel, Dynasty Travel and etc. had been aggressively promoting Japan and introducing new places of interest outside Tokyo.

Strong Demand for Europe Tours

As for tours to Europe, the demand remains strong. With middle-eastern airlines such as Emirates Airline, Etihad Airways and Qatar Airways competing for more passengers, the prices of tour packages to popular destinations e.g. France, Italy, Spain and Switzerland remain competitive.

Free-and-Easy Packages and Customized Tours

With new routes opening up to more countries by budget airlines such as Scoot Airlines, Air Asia, Jetstar and Tiger Airways, more people are booking flights+hotels packages online and choose to go on Free-and-Easy packages to Bangkok, Bali, Hong Kong, Taipei, Tokyo and etc.

At the Natas Fair, there are a wide range of free-and-easy, DIY and even customized packages offered by large travel agencies as well as the smaller “boutique” travel agents which specialize in certain countries.

As for senior travellers with more disposable cash and time to travel, there are more than 12 travel agencies offering customized tours with more comfort and luxury but slow and relaxed pace.

Pre Natas Fair Promotion

In the run-up to the Natas Fair, all major travel agencies will organize their own mini travel fair popular known as Pre-Natas Fair about 4 to 5 weeks prior to the actual event to pre-sell the tour packages. Typically, the prices for the not-yet-confirmed-to-depart tours are cheaper than those confirmed tours selling at the actual Natas Fair.

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