NATAS Fair 2018

17-19 August 2018, Singapore Expo

The NATAS travel fair is a twice yearly event usually happened in February/March and again in August every year. In last year’s NATAS Fair, major airlines, banks, car rental companies, cruises, hotel/resorts, national tourism organisations, travel agents, travel insurance companies and other travel related companies participated in the event.

NATAS Travel Fair 2018

Date: 17 to 19 August 2018
Venue: Singapore Expo, Halls 3 & 4

In the run-up to the NATAS Fair, all major travel agencies will organize their own "mini" travel fairs popularly known as Pre-NATAS Fairs about 4 to 5 weeks prior to the actual event to pre-sell the tour packages. Typically, the prices for the not-yet-confirmed-to-depart tours are cheaper than those confirmed tours selling at the actual NATAS Holidays event.

These Pre-Fair promotion events usually take place at Suntec City, Marina Square, Chinatown Point (where many of the outbound travel agencies are located) or at the travel agency's premise. Subscribing to our email updates below is the quickest way to know about upcoming travel events.


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