How to Pick the Best Travel Insurance

Here's the 3 factors to decide on…

To travel worry-free, it is best to buy a travel insurance before you hop onto a plane. But sourcing for an affordable policy can be time consuming especially when you need to compare the benefit limits of each travel insurance. Singapore has many travel insurance plans, thus this makes the comparison even more tedious.

The 3 Factors to Decide on the Best Travel Insurance Plan

I always adhere to the following three principles to decide the best insurance for my travel plans:

1. Destinations that are expensive, thus, medical costs is deemed to be expensive too when I require any medical assistance there. A good example will be Japan and USA.

2. Destinations that I am likely to be involved in some active activities like hiking, white-water rafting and etc, having a travel insurance plan will definitely help to ease some unnecessary worries.

3. Destinations that are highly probable of losing or delaying baggage or theft, a travel insurance that compensates for losing of personal belongings definitely helps to melt off some annoyance when such nasty thing happens.

When it is decided that I need a travel insurance plan, to maximize every dollar, I will do what most travellers would do – google for the cheapest travel insurance deals online and compare to decide the one best suits my needs. Here’s a list of reputable and popular travel insurance companies in Singapore:


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