Travel Insurance Promotions

Get up to 50% discount to protect your holiday plans

Beside visiting the major travel fairs such as the NATAS Travel Fair and Travel Revolution to look for tour packages at bargain price and getting freebies such as trolley luggage, holidaymakers can shop for travel insurance promotions at up to 50% discount.

Comparing Travel Insurance Plans

Most of the time, it is difficult to do an apple-to-apple comparison because competing products try to differentiate themselves by varying the benefits amount.

For a layperson with no knowledge of jargon such as “travel curtailment”, “travel postponement” and etc., it is virtually impossible to make a travel insurance comparison. So, we will end up in one of these two categories:

Whichever plan you select, travel insurance is an essential item in your travel budget planning to protect you from the unexpected events/incidents and help you to save cost.

AIG Travel Guard Promotion

AIG Travel Guard one of the most prominent travel insurance players in the major travel events. At the travel fairs, visitors could get up 45% discount on single-trip plan.

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